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What Do I Do With My Hands?

Your name gets called. Sure they mispronounce it, but you’re like 90% sure they mean you.


It’s time. You’ve always wanted to do stand up, and you’re doing it! That’s amazing! This is a huge step and takes a lot of guts and- oh no. Wait. What…what do you do with your hands?


You never thought about this. Don’t you just kind of…hold the mic? This feels horrible. What’s this other hand even doing here?


Wait, are you just standing there? Start telling your jokes!


Oh man. You’ve watched so much stand up. How has this never crossed your mind? What did Louie CK do in his last special? Chris Rock? Schumer? Where were their hands? You never noticed their hands! You’re sure everyone is staring at yours right now.


Maybe put your hand in your pocket? Wait, this looks terrible. Now you can’t go anywhere. And where do your elbows go? Go back to one hand, dummy.


Let’s try putting the mic back on the stand. Ah, there we go. And….now you just have two hands free and no plan for either of them. You’ve literally doubled your problem. Get the mic out of the stand!


Wait, how long have you been on stage? Is that the light? This isn’t how you planned your first mic to go. Ok one minute left. Let’s put both hands on the mic. Yes. YES. This is great! Ol’ Lefty has got a place to rest, but also quick access to the open air for gesturing. Nice.


Annnnnd it’s over. You did what every great comedian has to do which is perform for the very first time. It’s scary, and awkward and statistically not terribly funny. But everyone starts out the same way: thinking about that dumb second hand.


At Stand Up NY, we’ve got an open mic every day of the week. Whether you’ve been doing it for years or you just want to try it out, come tell jokes with us. 

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