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Satirical News on the Web

Looking for a solid, low-commitment laugh and to avoid the real news at the same time? Satirical websites are great for two things: you don’t have to get through eleven seasons of episodes to feel satisfied, and the funny ones are really funny (if satire’s your thing). To be clear, this is not fake news in the pretending-to-be-actual-journalism-and-tricking-you-with-malicious-intent sense, but rather the it’s-a-joke-and-hopefully-you-recognize-that sense.


The Onion

You’ve heard of it. America’s Finest News Source churns out witty and humorous and funny and comedic and even humorous comedy news spoof material. It started out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has bloomed into a beautiful and occasionally controversial news satire media company. It can be both smart and intentionally stupid and is a front-runner in the satirical news game.


The Daily Mash

Fancy a crumpet with your satirical bangers and mash? The Daily Mash, which sounds a lot like the Daily Mail, is a satirical news source from across the pond. It’s similar to The Onion, but it also has an advice column titled Agony aunt, and even a dating network titled Daily Mash Dates, although I’m not sure how legitimate that is. Check it out, and maybe make a fun comparison list of which of the two most culturally similar countries in the world, the U.K. and the U.S., is funnier. Fun!



There’s nothing like it. Clickhole’s voice is so unique and difficult to nail that it’s funny simply due to it reading like utter nonsense sometimes. The website is a parody of the Internet, especially the click-bait articles that populate the bottom of screens and the inane, often ridiculously subjective viral media that seems to dominate so much of the web. It churns out viral articles that you’ve probably seen on Facebook or somewhere else, but have at the website!



This one is so niche, it might just be satirizing one specific Brooklyn book store/human charcuterie board, and I am here for it. The aesthetic is its aesthetic, and reading McSweeney’s is like getting lost while walking on a straight cobblestoned path to a millinery where a whimsical little shopkeeper pins on you a button with a fun little phrase, for free. Neato!


The Borowitz Report

The Borowitz Report is not a standalone website, but rather a subset of the New Yorker, in which the magazine’s resident satirist Andy Borowitz writes New Yorker-level articles that are specifically “not the news.” It’s not as prolific as the other sites, but each article is packed with some real good funnies. Reading the Borowitz Report is not only entertaining but at the end of each article, you get to do the kind of haughty, all-knowing laugh that until recently was reserved only for first class customers about to send back their crap quality complimentary champagne.