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What Makes A Mom’s Sense of Humor?

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Why is it that all moms have the same sense of humor? Was there a secret pact established among those over a certain age?

Believe it or not, they were young once. And it is almost guaranteed that they did not always find the same things funny. You’ll very rarely see a young person claim to not appreciate the profanity in someone’s monolog. It just doesn’t happen.

So what kind of traumatic experience did they go through and why did it only affect their ability to laugh? There has to be some kind of graph featuring statistics about a sense of humor and how it correlates with a mid-life crisis.

We’re really starting to wonder if there is some sort of “Mom Laugh Training Camp” that conditions them to only laugh when a baby eats a lemon on Youtube.

Yes, that must be it.

Here is a transcript of their secret invitation letter:

“Dear Sharon,

You are cordially invited to attend our “Mothers Are Funny Too” (MAFT) day camp. As a mother of three it can be hard to get your work done all while keeping a light, but hip demeanor.

You work hard for your wardrobe and your sense of humor should showcase that. Make your loose fitting blouse say “HEY KIDS!” by learning the ins and outs of comedy appropriate for your age group.

We offer a variety of courses that are sure to capture your interest.

Some of our more popular courses include:

  • Corny Knock Knock Jokes
  • Clever One-Liners From A Pastor
  • “Aw, don’t make fun of him.”
  • Racism Is Funny (When A Person Of Color Isn’t Around)
  • An HGTV Host And Their Zany Sense Of Humor
  • George Lopez 101

The day camp will last a total of eight days, but will only be offered on Saturdays*. We are willing to work around your schedule because we understand how busy you are!

And do not worry, there is no need to RSVP to this email because we know how long it takes you to type back.

All you need to do is go to the nearest Whole Foods next Saturday and look for the 48-year-old woman in the cream-colored visor. Her name is Sue and she will be slowly driving the shuttle van down the left lane all the way to the camp.

You don’t need to worry about a thing. Just put on your freshest pair of clogs and relax.

Moms R Da Bomb,


*We know your Sundays are dedicated to cleaning your house because your husband just can’t seem to find that broom.”

Shit. It all makes sense now.

Save your mom from herself. Bring her to a show here at Stand Up NY. You’ll be thankful you did!

8 Trends We Would Be More Than OK With Saying Goodbye To

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The year 2017 is already more than halfway over. It seems that it was just yesterday when the ball(s) dropped and people’s vomit spackled the city. But no, the remnants of 2017 glasses and thick stripper-like glitter has long been swept away.

With each year comes a slew of new trends and fads. Some of the trends are innocently stupid, like when we were children and our teachers told us we could be whatever we wanted when we grew up. While some trends, on the other hand, make us want to slowly walk into traffic.

Here are eight trends that need to find the nearest exit:

  1. Fidget spinners

First, a quick shout out to all of the teachers who’ve had to deal with this nonsense all school year. You guys are the real MVP’s.

We prefer to view these as the universe’s way of highlighting who is the most unstable- a new Darwinism if you will. Unless you are under the age of 10 or have a violent level of an Attention Deficit Disorder, you absolutely do not need one.

Sir, please stop.

  1. 90s clothing

We’re not sure what happened, but for some reason, 90s fashion trends are making a come back. Don’t believe us? Walk around any large metropolitan area and you’ll see a sea of platform sandals, mom jeans, and the occasional denim vest. It’s like an elementary school teacher from 1995 walked through a cloning machine and came out holding a Chai latte. Not great.

  1. Kombucha

Since when did this become a thing? Kombucha is literally just a fancy tea. But because someone probably wearing a fedora claimed it’s better for your health than other types of tea, the world is up in arms over it. We can thank that guy for the countless people pushing strollers around the country sipping on this seaweed colored drink. Remember: cigarettes were once good for you also.

  1. Kale

So you’re out to lunch with some friends when you are handed a menu. You glance down to browse the options when you notice everything has kale, is served with kale, or was once kale before it was made into your kale dish containing even more kale. The waiter should just cut the middle man and start handing out leaves upon arrival.

  1. Avocado Toast

This one isn’t as gross as it is annoying. It’s actually a delicious meal. The people who can oftentimes be found consuming it are also the same people trying to bring the 90s back. So no.

  1. Hoverboards

They sound good in theory, but are they actually getting you anywhere faster? No. They’re not. Now you’re just a person riding a confused skateboard down the street going slower than that prick who still insists on rollerblading. Let that one marinate for a while.

  1. VR Headsets

The technological capability of these headsets is amazing. It’s a shame that wearing them makes you look like you borrowed a pair of Stevie Wonder’s glasses.

“Isn’t it ironic?” – Alanis Morissette

  1. Gender Reveal Parties

We know that you’re excited to have a baby. What better way to show your excitement than by forcing people you care about to waste an afternoon in your backyard while the in-laws fumble around with balloons inside of a box. Don’t tell the Mother-to-be, but something tells us the balloons are going to be blue or pink. Now who wants room temperature potato salad?

What are some of your least favorite trends? You are welcome to catch a show here at Stand Up NY and point out the trends as you see them; #justkeepinitreal

A New Generation of Comedians and Their Peculiar Worlds

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Cazzie David, Larry David’s daughter, is making a name for herself in the comedy world. Recently, she and college friend, Elisa Kalani, collaborated to make a web series called Eighty- Sixed. In this series, Cazzie plays Remi, a girl in her twenties who gets easily irritated with the world and has a tendency to become fixated on modern-day annoyances. Cazzie’s character is almost a millennial version of Larry David.

Eighty-Sixed is a satire on the millennial generation. One point, in particular, that is made fun of is this generation’s exorbitant use of social media and how it comes to define their lives. For example, after her boyfriend left her for another girl, Remi becomes jealous. She decides that she must make it a point to portray, through social media, that she is doing perfectly fine without him. In order to do this, she has someone take a picture of her at a party with friends. After the picture is taken, Remi asks one of her friends to post the picture so that her ex-boyfriend can see it and believe that she is no longer thinking about the breakup (even though it is all she has been thinking about). When she asks her friends to post the picture from their accounts, they ask her why she can’t just do it herself. She explains, “If I upload it, then it looks desperate and like I wanted him to know I’m going out. if I’m just tagged in it then he knows I went out but didn’t feel the need to prove it meaning I went out for me.” In the end, her friends don’t want to post it because it could ruin their Instagram themes. Remi gets so desperate to find someone to post the picture that she ends up asking a random person at the party to do it.

Something I particularly like about the series is how it reflects the strange logic of millennials when it comes to social media usage. Also, the conversations seem accurate to how young people communicate with one another. It is unsettling, but also hilarious to watch the truth play out. This is what comedians do: they observe society and speak the truth. The truth is funny because the audience realizes how strange it is.

Overall, comedians have great insight into how peculiar the world is. If you want to learn more about this peculiar world, come check out the comedians here at Stand Up NY. Every night a new truth teller explains their view. I bet you never realized that you could gain so much insight while laughing.

An Inside Look into the Lives of Comedians

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Jerry Seinfeld is not slowing down. Since the famous comedian ended his hit series back in 1998, he has continued to work as a standup comic. In recent years however he has taken on a new role. In 2012, Seinfeld debuted his online talk show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. This show is very unique in that Seinfeld picks up his guests (the guests are always comedians) in fancy cars and has interesting conversations with them as they drive around and stop to get coffee and a meal. Some of his guests so far have included big names like Steve Martin, Jimmy Fallon, Julia-Louis Dreyfuss, Larry David, Tina Fey, and Stephen Colbert. The conversations are great because they include stories of how iconic comedians got their starts, the horrifying times that they bombed on stage, and just other random insights into their lives.

The great thing about “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” is that Seinfeld can make it uniquely his own. He has a love for cars and a love for comedy. Through his online show, he is able to showcase both. In a typical episode, Seinfeld will give a dazzling introduction of the car that will be featured in the episode. He will then tie it back to the guest and explain why he picked that particular car for that particular guest. The show flows well because the conversation always seems very natural. This is the case because usually, the guests are Seinfeld’s actual friends, and in the off chance that they are not, Jerry is able to connect with them because of the bond they share from both being comedians.

One of my favorite episodes was the one featuring Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner. Since the 1950s, Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner have gotten together for dinner nearly every night (at Reiner’s house) to eat and watch TV (usually pre-recorded Jeopardy). For this episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, they let Seinfeld join in on this nightly ritual. As the three ate off of their dinner trays in Reiner’s living room, they told jokes and talked about “Get Smart”, Blazing Saddles, Richard Pryor, Chris Rock, and “The Producers”. Seinfeld even recalls a time when he was eight years old; he snuck backstage at a comedy show and met Carl Reiner and Alan King. At this show, he received both of their autographs and still has them today. As the three finish up their conversation, they say goodbye to each other. As Jerry is finally leaving, Carl says to him, “Hey Jerry, what’s the difference between a Frenchman and Jew?”, and then he continues, “A Frenchman leaves without saying goodbye, and a Jew says goodbye but never leaves!”

This episode, along with so many others gives viewers an inside look into the lives of comedy legends. We all know these comedians and love hearing them onstage or watching movies, plays, and sketches they wrote, but “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” gives us the inside look into their lives that we are otherwise unable to see.

Overall, however, all of these successful comics started out small. They crafted their materials, took it to the clubs, and saw what worked. Now, they are legends and talk about their careers with Jerry Seinfeld in extravagant cars. Can you imagine seeing a young Steve Martin perform at the clubs before his act blew up? How cool would it be to see a comedian perform before they became famous? Come check out the shows here at Stand Up NY. Young talent comes to perform here every night. You never know, maybe one day someone you see here will end up on a hit show or a receive his or her own Netflix special. Wouldn’t it be cool to say that you saw that person perform when they were just starting out?

How Netflix is Changing Comedy

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In 2017, we are in the midst of yet another comedy boom. From stand-up comedy clubs sprouting up across the country in the 80s to cable television networks like Comedy Central gaining prominence in the 90s, there has always been a steady demand for comedy in America. Now, a new frontier for comedy has arisen, and no one is navigating it better than Netflix.

The internet has always been a place for comedy. Memes circulate on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and funny cat videos still generate millions of views on YouTube. Steadily, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon gained prominence and evolved into multi-million dollar corporations in a short period of time. Netflix, in particular, was so successful because they understood the concept of availability. At any time, a Netflix user may log on to their account and browse the hundreds of TV shows and movies available on Netflix. This idea took off, and with it, the comedy industry was reborn.

HBO has been airing stand-up specials for 40 years, and Comedy Central has for decades as well. However, in 2017, Netflix is set to air over 50 comedy specials, with a new one coming every week. In this year alone, Netflix is premiering specials from Louis C.K, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Jim Gaffigan. In an interview with the Breakfast Club radio show, Neal Brennan states the reasons for doing a stand-up special on Netflix. He cites the fact that Netflix is in 190 countries, they have great features on their app, and they pay a TON of money. Brennan said that Chris Rock called and wouldn’t even say the amount of money he was being paid out loud because it was so much. Netflix, now in only its sixth year of trying to woo comics, has effectively taken over the genre.

Netflix is certainly dominating the comedy genre, providing unique availability to over 100 comedy specials at the click of the button. But what does that mean to the most famous comedy clubs across the country? Well, one thing that clubs can promise that Netflix cannot is the next Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock. Surely, all comics of that caliber will be featured on Netflix one day, but those comics all got their start at tiny comedy venues across the country. Comedy clubs still remain as relevant and important as ever for churning out the talent you see on your computer screen.

Impressions 101

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Few things are more memorable in comedy than a great impression. Saturday Night Live (and other Late Night Shows) is infamous for featuring comedians who are amazing at creating impressions of other celebrities and sometimes even a character from another television show. There are so many great ones out there, but we did our best to narrow it down to a few of our personal favorites. Here they are in no particular order.

Alec Baldwin- Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin takes on his infamous role as Donald Trump. While he has done many sketches impersonating the President, our personal favorite is the featured video of the town hall debate sketch. In the sketch, Alec Baldwin manages to capture the essence of Trump with his own signature blend of ignorance and lack of spatial awareness- making his impression one for the books.

Kate McKinnon- Hillary Clinton

Kate McKinnon is well known for her impressions. One that certainly stands out is her spot on impression of Hillary Clinton. She does an impeccable job of maintaining a firm stance on posture while attempting to relax with a drink in hand. Not to mention Hillary Clinton herself makes an appearance in this sketch, making it even more worth the watch.

Melissa McCarthy- Sean Spicer

We’re not quite sure how she does it, but Melissa McCarthy nails her impersonation of Sean Spicer. Between chewing gum and threatening the audience to riding around on a mobile podium- this impersonation is a tough one to beat. She has since come back to SNL for other installments of the Sean Spicer career meltdown saga.

Jay Pharoah- Kat Williams, Kevin Hart, Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Tracy Morgan, Chris Tucker, Hannibal Burres, Bernie Mac

When it comes to Jay Pharoah it is hard to pick just one impression. He does nothing but perfect every single impersonation he throws out there on stage. This particular video is excellent because it showcases many of his impersonations of fellow comedians. It also just happens to take place at a Secret Meeting of Black Comedians in Hollywood, or so he says.

Vanessa Bayer- Rachel Green

In this clip from Weekend Update, Vanessa Bayer does her impression of Rachel Green from Friends. She pulls off everything from the hair style and vernacular to even random scene transitions. Jennifer Aniston makes an appearance in this clip to bring the 90s nostalgia factor to life.

Bill Hader- Fred Armisen

During an interview with Conan in 2014, Bill Hader explained how, on SNL, he and the cast members do impressions of one another. Conan asked Bill who he likes impersonating, and he explained that he does a good one of his friend, Fred Armisen. He parodies the comedian by using over-the-top hand motions to explain his love for Portland and all the hipster things he enjoys doing there.

Will Ferrell- George W. Bush

In an SNL sketch, Will Ferrell does a hilarious impression of George W. Bush addressing the American people. The clip opens with Ferrell standing amongst massive green space in rural Texas. He talks about Global Warming, and attempts to persuade the public that it is all a hoax, but eventually comes to the conclusion that he, is completely clueless and admits, “I’m not going to lie to you, I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.” Ferrell’s word choice along with his southern accent makes the impression hilariously spot on.

Jimmy Fallon- Bruce Springsteen

In 2013, on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show, he did a near perfect impression of Bruce Springsteen while singing with the boss himself. The two dressed up as young Bruce Springsteen and did a Born to Run parody addressing the Fort Lee, NJ bridge scandal. Fallon captured the iconic singer’s distinctive voice in this hilarious parody.

Tina Fey- Sarah Palin

In this SNL cold open, Tina Fey does her famous impression of Sarah Palin as she and Amy Poehler (who acts as Hilary Clinton), address the nation. Fey has a spot on imitation of Pain’s distinct accent, and specific political views.

Larry David- Bernie Sanders

In this SNL Democratic Debate, Larry David does his impression of Bernie Sanders. He imitates the energetic politician by coming on stage speaking in his strong New York accent, and warning the crowd, “if you don’t mind, I’m going to dial it right up to a ten.” He proceeds to go on a rant about how “WE ARE DOOMED.”

What are some of your favorite comedic impressions? You may be able to catch some on stage here at Stand Up NY!

Have You Ever Taken An Improv Class?

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Have you ever taken an IMPROV class or been interested in what goes on during one? Many comics today get their start by taking an IMPROV class. It is an easy and accessible way to get started in the field. Many colleges have IMPROV troupes, and many comedy clubs offer IMPROV classes. Some people who have no plans of going into the comedy scene even take an IMPROV class just for fun. I have even heard of a college professor who teaches a fast paced course, strongly encouraging his students to take an IMPROV class in order to become more accustomed to being in a fast paced environment.

I just took my first IMPROV class and I thought it would be helpful to provide some insight into my experience. The nice thing about IMPROV classes is that you can go into the 101 class with no experience. In my first 101 class, we started out by introducing ourselves through a silly name game in which we went around the room and said what our name was and attached a fun word/action to match it (for example, I was “Joking Jen”). We did some other warm up exercises similar to that, and then we jumped into the class. My teacher then had four people come up to the front of the class and told them to each talk about something that they were interested in. The way this exercise works is that the first person starts talking about their topic, and then the teacher cuts that person off, and the next person starts talking about their topic. This goes on through the 4th person, and then the first person picks right back up from where he or she left off as if there was never a pause. Each person talks four times.

The next exercise we did had three people going up at a time. My teacher asked us to act as if we were on a panel, and the topic we would be discussing was whatever she asked us about. For example, when I went up, she asked my group, “So, you said that you three encountered an Alien, what was that like?” My group took the topic and ran with it. By the end of the activity we somehow came to the conclusion that these Aliens had New Jersey accents, looked exactly like humans, and may have just been ordinary people from New Jersey who were pretending to be aliens.

For the remainder of the class we did a series of exercises that practiced the IMPROV technique, “Yes, and…”. One person would say something (“Let’s have a party”), and the next person would answer, (“Yes, and let’s bring a cake”), and the first person would answer again with a “Yes, and…” response, and so on. These activities forced us to go with the situation even if it was not going in the direction that we had originally planned.

As you can tell by my description of some of the activities done in an IMPROV 101 class, the goal is to push people out of their comfort zones and to think on their feet. While it may seem intimidating to do this in front of a group of strangers, you would be pleasantly surprised to find that the feeling is quite the opposite. The class environment is very friendly and supportive. I really enjoyed my first class and I am excited to continue with it.

However, perhaps my experience has convinced you that IMPROV is not your thing. Maybe you prefer starting your comedy career in Stand Up? If this sounds more like you, great! Come check out “Bring It” here at Stand Up NY. “Bring it” is a great opportunity for new comics to show an audience what they’ve got. It is held on Saturdays at 5pm. A great perk of this opportunity is that there are industry guests every week, you will receive discounted video footage of your performance, and that the best comic will be invited back for stage time alongside professional comedians. Come check it out!

Sorry Bill Cosby, Kids Aren’t Funny

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Remember that wholesome television show Kids Say The Darndest Things? Originally the show was hosted by Art Linkletter and later upgraded to a host ripe with sexual assault, Bill Cosby. This was OK though because this was the 90s. Ah, nostalgia.

The program was founded upon the idea that kids are hilarious and of course ‘Ol Cosby’s banter. If this wasn’t enough of a red flag, we’re not quite sure what else is. Any show that tells us to lean in and really listen to what the children are saying is already set up for a hard loss.

Maybe that’s why the show only lasted for two years.

Perhaps the show was created as a way to distract parents from all of the freedom they lost. Who needs nights out to get dinner and drinks when they can sit in front of a television listening to what these random kids have to say?

That would really round out their life.

The only explanation for this was Bill’s sweater collection. It distracted them for far too long. The absurdity of the patterns apparently were enough to let them look past how unhappy they were toting their children around in a minivan to go to flute recitals. How did it feel to lie to Grandma when you told her he was the star football player?

Are kids funny when you have to make chicken nuggets every night because they don’t want to eat shrimp fettuccine with you? What about when you are forced to watch the same Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon every day?


Don’t worry, those ketchup stains will hopefully come out of your brand new couch. And we are sure those episodes of Crashing you really want to catch up on will still be of interest in a couple of years when you finally get around to watching them.


Don’t even get us started on music.


Unless your idea of music is “Kids Bop” and you are also an asshole.

Can Some Jokes Be Offensive?

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Throughout the years, comics have pushed the boundaries of what can be said on stage. From Lenny Bruce getting arrested for joking about Eleanor Roosevelt’s boobs to Louis CK getting angrily tweeted at for joking about child molesters, comics have always faced criticism from those who don’t see the humor in subjects that they deem as obscene.

But what do Bruce and C.K aim to accomplish with these jokes? Clearly, Bruce and C.K. weren’t making serious statements on either Roosevelt’s boobs or child molesters. They were JOKING. The first mistake that we’ve made as an audience is to take a joke seriously.

Secondly, we need to take the joke with the context that the comic is framing it. Louis C.K isn’t condoning child molesting in has famous SNL monolog. All Louis C.K. is asking you to do is think about it. He posits that “there is no worse life available to a human than being a caught child molester.” C.K then follows with the punchline “when you consider the risk involved with being a child molester, you can only surmise that it must feel really good, to THEM, not ME.” This is not a defense of child molesters or a slander of those affected by molestation, but rather a drawing of attention to how freaking crazy child molesters really are.

Ricky Gervais once said on a radio show that a comic’s intent should determine whether a joke is offensive or not. Before overreacting to certain subjects, we should always take into account the intent of a comic’s joke. But above all, we need to remember to just laugh.

Astrology Is A Joke

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We all know someone that believes in astrology a little too much. They somehow manage to teeter the line between general interest and a cult-like way of life far too often. They also somehow always smell like sage and own a lot of flowy blouses. 

These people oftentimes show up at the most inopportune moments. You are enjoying yourself at your friend’s birthday party when ol’ Sage comes up and starts constructing your birth chart. You are then shifted from laid-back party-goer to an innocent bystander trying not to wring star child’s neck.

When did the conversation turn from hypothetical, semi-amusing thoughts to a victim blaming ceremony? I’ve literally had people scream and jump away after learning my astrological sign. After transitioning from confusion to mild irritation, I quickly came to an understanding that it is best to weed out these people from my life anyway. And nothing is more clear cut than the billowy scarf-wearing person who just squealed while opening a birth chart app on their phone.

Call us crazy, but who cares what the moon was doing when we were born? We’re pretty sure it was doing moon-like things. Such as being in the sky. This also applies to water, fire, air or any other aspect of science that may or may not be attributed to astrology.

We understand that it may be hard to determine whether or not the person you are speaking to is going to take the conversation too far, so we have constructed a chart to aid in determining whether or not you need to get the hell out of there:

While the original thought of discussing personality traits may be initially entertaining, there is no need to take it further than that. The descriptions of the signs are so vague that they can apply to almost anyone at any given time and to see people freaking out over them is hysterical. 

Look, we wish they were true! It would be super cool. But it’s just too ridiculous. It’s nothing personal. We just think that taking horoscopes too seriously is an absurd character flaw and renders a person entirely unstable. That’s all.